Relax—it’s Really Clear  

When you knit, I want you to be happy, to have fun, and to make something pretty.

Really Clear patterns allow you to work without having to stop and figure out abbreviations or terms. They give you ways to keep track of where you are in case you're interrupted.

They give you the why in addition to the what. They give you options, so you feel free to make your knitting your own. And they do it all with a sense of humor! 

When you use a Really Clear pattern, you'll feel as if you have a helpful knitting friend sitting by your side.

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Cynthia Spencer has spent the past 15 years writing patterns and surrounding herself with knitting, quilting, color, and creativity. Her Really Clear patterns came about as a result of working with hundreds of knitters and learning what they wanted in a pattern. Her mission is to help both knitters and local yarn shops thrive!  

If you live near a local yarn shop, please buy Really Clear patterns through them via Ravelry's in-store sales (or on paper). Always support your local yarn shop!

If you own a local yarn shop, please send a note to me via the contact form on this website, and I’ll fix you up with wholesale information.