Welcome to Really Clear

At Really Clear, we provide classic knitting patterns that are easy to understand, interesting and fun to make, and flattering to wear.

When you knit our patterns, you feel as if you have a friendly, helpful knitting friend sitting next to you—a friend who is showing you how to fulfill your vision of what the yarn can become.

Do you live near a Local Yarn Shop? If so, you can buy Really Clear patterns through Ravelry's in-store sales or on paper via your local store rather than buying them directly. Always support your local yarn store so that it stays there for you!

Cynthia Spencer has spent the past 14 years writing patterns and surrounding herself with knitting, quilting, color, and creativity. Her Really Clear patterns came about as a result of working with hundreds of knitters and learning what they wanted in a pattern. 

There is nothing she loves more than writing patterns that help people to make things with ease and joy.