Cozy Comfy Legwarmers

Enjoy a little extra warmth in the winter! These legwarmers are simple, with just slipped stitches. They can be made either to flare out at the bottom or to work straight down. (We love the bit of a bell-bottomed look personally.) 

Top-Down Socks

My knitting friend Mary Ellen and I have been putting our heads (or maybe it’s our feet?) together. Our pattern for top-down socks shows you how to get them to fit! We’re so excited and hope you are, too! We do two things in this pattern:

         * show you how to make socks, and

         * show you how to make sure those socks fit.

The How-To

Never made socks? No worries! We give you step-by-step information on exactly how to make them.

See all those colors of the socks in the picture? That’s not just for fun (although the fun is certainly a terrific side effect). It’s to show you each part of the sock.

At each step of the way, we show you what that part is supposed to look like, and how the pieces fit together. If you’ve never quite understood how to make socks, this is your opportunity to learn without stress. (You can relax. It’s Really Clear.)

                                                                                                                                                                            THIS IS A REALLY CLEAR SKILL-LEARNING PATTERN WITH PHOTO TUTORIALS.

Toe-Up Socks 

This sock pattern, our best seller, shows you how to make toe-up socks step-by-step. It includes many photos to help you on your way to making great socks! Because you are fitting as you go, the socks are always perfect when finished.

The pattern instructions include directions for using double-pointed needles, 2 circular needles, or 1 circular needle--take your pick!

Choose any weight of yarn.