No-Fail Lace Scarf

Lace can be confusing the first time you try it.This pattern is designed to make it easy. You will easily memorize the pattern, which will soon allow you to knit without looking at the instructions. In between lace panels are several rows of garter stitch. These allow you to rip back easily if you make a mistake. The pattern gives instructions for making the scarf shawl width as well.


This pattern is VERY detailed in its how-to. It tells you…
How to read a lace chart.
* Howto understand written lace directions.
* How to make an SSK (and why you should care about it).
* How to knit 2 together.
* How to make a yarn-over and what it should look like.
* How to fix the lace if you make a mistake.
* How to block lace.

Linen-Stitch Scarf

This pretty scarf is as easy as knitting and purling--but gives an interesting texture with no curling! The two sides look different, but both are pretty enough to be the “front” of the scarf. Try it in a self-striping yarn for added enjoyment. This pattern gives options for different widths and yarn weights.  

Brioche 101

If you've never done the brioche stitch before, here's the place to begin. We'll start with just one color so that the stitch becomes a habit!


Slipped stitches and yarn overs give this scarf texture. Add a self-striping or variegated yarn for interest!

Easy Looped Scarf

This scarf is the perfect way to learn to knit. It starts slowly and easily, with one repeated skill (the knit stitch), and then gives a little kick of new skills at the end (increasing, stockinette, and ribbing). If you're more experienced, it's perfect for TV knitting. (And if you're learning Portuguese knitting, you can purl your way through the beginning!)

School-Spirit Scarf

Team colors tend to be bold, dramatic combinations--gold and green, orange and blue, red and black. Make use of this drama with a super-long (to be super-spirited), happily striped scarf!

This scarf is worked from end to end in long stripes. Because of the garter stitch, the edges do not curl.

If you can cast on, knit, and cast off, you can make this scarf.

Pick two colors for your school, and enjoy a scarf you will be proud of!

Instructions include multiple gauges--from fingering- to bulky-weight yarn.

Swirling Ruffles

Swirling Ruffles is an easy, sweet little scarf that can be made with any yarn. It gives you a picture tutorial on doing short-rows, in case you have never done them before. 

Your gauge or yarn weight actually makes no difference. Heavier yarns will make bigger scarves. Just get a fabric that you like, and knit till it’s the length you please!



This pattern is a tutorial on double knitting. Knitting across one row, you’ll create what are actually two pieces of stockinette fabric, with their purl sides against each other. You’re using one color on one side, and the other on the other side. But you’re knitting them at the same time instead of separately.

Practicing on this easy scarf will give you the ability to double knit more difficult patterns later.  

Choose either two solid contrasting yarns, or one self-striping yarn and one contrasting solid yarn for your first try. This way you can easily distinguish between your two sides as you go. Choose something that knits at 4.5-5 stitches per inch.