Andi's Halloween Adventure

Come join me for another Andi Adventure story!

You may have already made the Magic Crystal Hat or the Andi’s Beach Adventure cowl.

Now, Andi is off on a Halloween Adventure, and you’ll be making a poncho, as you knit motifs and patterns based on the story. Be careful! There may be witches and ghosts!

Not a Halloween-colors person? No worries! Make the poncho in whatever colors you love. 

Mitered-Squares Poncho

Mitered squares a super-fun to play with! Each time you finish a square, it feels as if you have a whole project under your belt. This poncho is a terrific introduction to making mitered squares.


This ponchette (or shawl) is made from 4 different sizes of wedges. They are joined with a decorative 3-needle bind- off after they have all been made separately.  

The center-back wedge has 6 colors; the others have one fewer section of color on each wedge. This creates a stair step of color.  

Unlike most shawls, where you are working huge rows by the end and feel as if you are never going to finish, with Jordi you will be doing less and less the further you go!  

Choose fingering-weight yarn in colors that blend, and that move from light on the top to dark on the bottom.