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Hostkappe was published in the 15th anniversary issue (Fall 2017) of! (I'm proud to say that it was one of three rotating patterns on the cover of the issue.)

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What customers are saying:

It is really clear why I love your patterns! They are really clear!!! Actually they are great for the beginner and the more advanced knitter. Your explanations, step-by-step instructions, and illustrations seem to know what the knitter needs to know.  --Nancy

Cynthia's patterns are wonderful to follow.  They are written so that I can understand them.  I was first introduced to her patterns at a workshop I took from her in Pittsburgh. I saw her at her booth later and bought a couple of patterns because I liked her class.  I was able to follow them and do techniques that I previously didn't understand.  I bought more patterns and learned new techniques.  Her "really clear" patterns truly are understandable and easy to follow.   --Janet

"Oh, no, I've turned into a knitter! Thanks, Cynthia!"  --Mary