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October 2019

I'll be a keynote speaker at the Small Business Unconference in Williamsport, PA, in the morning on Oct. 21. If you own a business, sign up! It'll be a fun day!

TNNA 2019

If you're a local shop owner, please come to TNNA's summer show! I'm teaching two classes there. One is about making your local yarn shop profitable so that you don't go out of business (ouch). Profit is often used as a dirty word, but it actually is the only way for your business to be healthy. The other class is about tips I've learned over the years to make daily operations run as smoothly as possible. Please join me for both! 

TNNA 2018

If you're a local yarn shop owner, be sure to take my class this summer at TNNA! We'll talk about how to use classes to make your yarn shop thrive.

TNNA 2018 Summer NeedleArts Trade Show
June 13-17, 2018
Education starts June 13
Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland, Ohio
Register today

The TNNA Summer Trade Show is the perfect place for needlearts professionals to learn about the newest products and techniques in the industry! Our classes are designed to develop and enhance your technical and business education, leaving you with new skills to take back to your business.

The Wool and Wine Book by John Martin used my Quick-Knit Hat as one of the models.

This particular pattern isn't in the book (it's mostly glorious pictures of yarn and wine!), but you can grab it on Ravelry here. Ask your Local Yarn Shop to get you a copy of this beautiful book!

Hostkappe was published in the 15th anniversary issue (Fall 2017) of! (I'm proud to say that it was one of three rotating patterns on the cover of the issue.)

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What customers are saying:

Your patterns are what you say: really clear. No mysterious abbreviations or techniques to look up, halting progress. No surprises to make a knitter curse. All is explained. Project success!   --Chris

It is really clear why I love your patterns! They are really clear!!! Actually they are great for the beginner and the more advanced knitter. Your explanations, step-by-step instructions, and illustrations seem to know what the knitter needs to know.  --Nancy

Cynthia's patterns are wonderful to follow.  They are written so that I can understand them.  I was first introduced to her patterns at a workshop I took from her in Pittsburgh. I saw her at her booth later and bought a couple of patterns because I liked her class.  I was able to follow them and do techniques that I previously didn't understand.  I bought more patterns and learned new techniques.  Her "really clear" patterns truly are understandable and easy to follow.   --Janet

"When I follow one of your patterns, I feel as if you're sitting there with me, talking me through it." --Beth

"Oh, no, I've turned into a knitter! Thanks, Cynthia!"  --Mary

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