Beginning to Knit
If you are just learning how to knit, ease into it. Learn to cast on, then knit. Save purling for a few weeks from now when you are more comfortable. Be patient with yourself, and go as slowly as it takes for your brain to understand what you are doing. Knitting becomes automatic only with time and practice.

How to Cast On

How to Knit (English style, with yarn in the right hand)

How to Knit (Continental style, with yarn in the left hand)

How to Purl (English style, with yarn in the right hand)

How to Purl (Continental style, with yarn in the left hand)

How to Bind off

How to Weave in Ends


Other cast-ons:
     E-wrap or loop cast-on (backwards and forwards)
     Knitted cast-on
     Cable cast-on

Increases (M1L&M1R, pull up stitch of cuff, backwards e-wrap, KFB)

Adding stitches to the edge of your work

Picking up stitches at the edge of your work

Decreases (Sl1 K1 PSSO; SSK, K2tog)

Knitting and purling into the back loop

Provisional cast on

Purl 2 together into the back loop

The stretchy bind off

The 3-needle bind-off

Wrap and turn on short rows

Fair Isle


Mattress Stitch

Kitchener Stitch (Shown via a sweater)

Whipstitch (Use sparingly!)


Working with Double-Pointed Needles

Using a Swift and Ball Winder

How to Save Yourself!
These videos will show you what to do when things are going awry!

Common errors and how to fix them

Fix a dropped stitch in stockinette

Tink Stitches after having been decreased (SSK & K2tog)

After you have been knitting for a while, these videos will give you refinements to your technique and will make your knitting just a little more beautiful.

Edge stitch, both purlwise and knitwise

Alternative to the Slip Knot When Casting On

Knitting into the back then front instead of KFB

Adding a bead to your knitting

Weave in ends as you go

Creating a "Jogless Jog" when doing colorwork in the round

Closing the gap when knitting in the round

Doing a decorative 3-needle bind-off

Attached i-cord on an edge