Heart of Yarn

Have you ever wanted to make anything that you don’t need, but then suddenly … well … you realize you do NEED it? That happened to me with this little pillow.  As I worked on it, the little pillow kept getting cuter and prettier:
Variegated yarn? Happiness. Pink ribbon? Yes, please. Buttons? A necessity.

Container for the Thing Contained

Make a cute little felted bowl, and find a glass vase or jar to put in it. Now put in all the stuff you'd like to have contained!


Intarsia 101: Mug Mats

Enjoy learning intarsia (knitting with blocks of color) on a small project that's easy to manage. A little bit of scrubbing felts them and turns them into a pretty and practical way to prevent damage to furniture.


These beautiful knitted flowers give you plenty of room for playing with color. When choosing yarn, look for colors that are light and dark, contrasting or matching, complimentary or even clashing. It will all work, just as it does in nature!

Using fingering-weight yarn, the flowers are knit side to side so that you have few ends to weave in when you’re finished.

Sampler Afghan 

When you begin learning how to knit, going from knits to purls and back to knits is always a challenge. There is only one way to master that challenge: Practice!

This sampler afghan will give you that practice.

Learn stitch patterns while creating different textures. You will never be bored, and when you’re finished, you will have more confidence, more skill—and best of all, a beautiful little blanket!

Log-Cabin Quilt Block 

The log-cabin blanket is a classic quilting pattern. It has been found everywhere from Egypt to the British Isles to Canada to America. Knitters, however, can enjoy making it too!

This square is fun to play with. You can make everything from a simple pillow to a cozy wrap for over your shoulders to an entire afghan. The pattern gives yardages needed for each color in a single square, plus estimated yardages for different sizes of blankets. (All yardages given assume that you are knitting with yarn at 5 stitches per inch.)

Having worked as a quilt-shop owner as well as knitter for many years, I have made this pattern to reflect the classic, quilter way of thinking about log cabins, with either light on one half and dark on the other, or two different colorways on each side. I give the knitter plenty of suggestions for playing with color, with four pages of color pictures that show different suggestions for blankets.

You may sew your squares together in the end, or you may use a 3-needle bind-off to make things go a little more quickly!

Little House on the Pillow 

This adorable pillow is made from the intarsia technique. Instructions are given for a 10 1/2” round or square pillow. 

You need various colors of yarn, and scraps would work. Just keep the weight of the yarn consistent, and you can mix and match.

Size 5 seed beads are used to make the cute little apples on the tree. Brief instructions are given in the pattern, or see our video on how to place beads with a crochet hook when knitting.

The pattern uses a 3-needle bind-off to connect the front and back of the pillow--for no sewing.

Note: The pattern assumes that you have already done intarsia and know how. If you would like a pattern that has detailed how-to instructions, see the Really Clear “Diamond Head” hat pattern.