Cutest Christmas Stockings

Buy the patterns individually, or buy the e-book! As long as I keep designing animal stockings, I'll keep adding them to the e-book. Whatever you do, this much is sure: You'll have the cutest fireplace in town!

Holiday Tree

This tree has a lot of squealability factor! It's very pretty, and will make the perfect decoration for your own home, or to gift to a friend. It's a quick project, as a nice bonus.


Hooooo! Hoooo! Booooo!

Make this adorable owl for Halloween. Although the instructions refer to the yarn as rust or purple, feel free to choose any colors you prefer. Other good Halloween colors are black, teal, lime, and charcoal gray. Or make it real-owl colors.

The instructions assume that you’ve made a few projects before, and that you know how to knit in the round.

Worsted-weight yarn is knit tight on a size U.S. 5 needle.