I Want to be Warm

An easy little cowl to keep your neck nice and warm!

Andi's Beach Adventure

Who doesn’t love the beach? Now you can bring a beach adventure to your own knitting with “Andi’s Beach Adventure”! Like my Magic Crystal hat pattern, there will be a storyline to go along with the knitting. (There are possibly mermaids and pirates involved.)

Beaches, TVs, and Automobiles

This easy cowl has wonderful texture and just a little bit of striping interest. It's the perfect project for ... ready for it? ... going to the beach, watching TV, or riding in an automobile!

Simple knits and purls create a soothing rhythm, and using different colors creates knitterly interest.

Dress-Up Cowl

Do you have a single skein (about 150 yards) of DK or worsted-weight cashmere? (Or yak? Or maybe even qiviut?) The Dress-Up Cowl is the perfect pattern for using these gorgeous fibers! Beads add both glimmer and happiness.

This pattern is the perfect gift for a loved one (which might just mean YOU).

What better place for a bit of extravagance than keeping your neck soft, warm, and cozy?

Brioche Starter Cowl

This cowl is called the "Brioche Starter Cowl." This pretty cowl is fun to knit and quick to make! It's knit in the round, which is easy to do in brioche.

As its name implies, it's a good beginner's cowl. This pattern doesn't have photo tutorials like my Brioche 101 scarf, but if you've knit a few other projects (of any type), you should be fine.

As I did with the Brioche 101 scarf, I added some garter-stitch "lifeline" rounds. If the brioche goes awry for some reason, you simply take it back to the garter stitch. I love the feeling of security.


This quick, easy cowl is one of my most popular. And no wonder! You can play with all kinds of different color combinations. It looks gorgeous no matter what you do! Easy slipped stitches make this one no more difficult than knit and purl stitches!

Reflecting the Love

This cowl was originally designed for Local Yarn Store Day. It has one version that cleverly spells LYS forwards and then reflected backwards--and of course, there's a heart at the bottom. A second version of the cowl (shown here) spells the word LOVE forwards and backwards as well, for those of you who want to reflect your love for everything!

The cowl looks as if it's just pretty shapes, but you and your yarn store (and all your loved ones) will both know how much love you send their way!


This beautiful cowl, made of cables and hidden lace, glows with shape and texture.

You can make it as short and high, long and thin—whatever width and height you desire. Although it looks complex, it is just a matter of a few simple cables, a few yarn overs, and knitting and purling.

Easy directions give you a check-off sheet for each row so that you never lose your place.

Entrelac 101 

Learn to make entrelac with this easy and beautiful cowl. Once you get the technique down, add beads! We show you how.


Mini skeins of fingering-weight yarn are so appealing! But what do you do with them? This cowl provides one of the answers.

Texturation combines colors with a pleasing texture to keep the knitting interesting--and to give you a beautiful product.

Part of the fun with this pattern is playing with color combinations. Each cowl you make is a different experience!

Iron Work

Wrought-iron railings have always fascinated me. The people who bend metal into a myriad of gorgeous shapes are true artists. This cowl is inspired by their work.

I used a self-striping yarn for both the foreground and background. It is such fun to watch the design emerge!

This cowl fits fairly closely around the neck; if you wish for it to be longer, be sure to buy extra yarn. You can simply add repeats.

This pattern is easy to follow but does assume that you already know how to do Fair Isle. 

Two colors of Noro Kureyon or Silk Garden are strongly recommended, but use any worsted- or Aran-weight yarn.

Alice Bee

Beautiful waves of stripes make this cowl a pleasure to knit and a dream to wear. It is designed with an uncomplicated lace pattern, separated into logical sections by stitch markers for ease of keeping track and memorizing the pattern. 

“Jogless-jog” directions are given so that the transition between colors remains relatively straight instead of jumping when knitting in the round. Directions are also given for a scarf or shawl.

Water Wheel

This mobius cowl looks like water running through a water wheel. Garter-stitch bands look as if they slow down the water-like flow of the cables between them. The play of garter and cables creates an undulating edge.

This cowl is not only gorgeous; it also teaches you a number of skills. You can learn how to create simple, reversible cables so that the front and back look the same. (Since it's a mobius, both sides show.) The ends are finished either with Kitchener stitch or simply started and ended to create a scarf. 

Big, Yummy Cowl

Who doesn’t need a big, yummy cowl for the winter? This one is simple—a great beginner project! Use any yarn you prefer; any number of colors; stripe it, make it solid, make it all the colors for all your friends and family—whatever you wish. This pattern teaches a cool little striping technique to make the stripes look beautiful on the purl stitches when adding new colors. It is designed for beginners who may never have done ribbing before.

Miyuki Cowl

This beautiful cowl with a Japanese-lace influence gives you layers to keep you warm and gorgeous on those beautiful, snowy mornings. Make it with beads. They’re not only fun and easy to add; they make it extra special.The cowl is designed in three successively smaller tiers so that it lies nicely against the body and keeps the neck warm.

Little Striped Neck Warmer

This cute little cowl is designed to hug the neck high under a coat. It is not just decorative—it is warm. It is fast to make and is perfect for a gift! No one will ever know how easy it was.You can make it in one of two ways: (1) a seamed version with a decorative bind off that pulls over the head, or (2) a button-band version to keep perfect hair looking perfect!.

Happy Paws

Go team! If you have a paw mascot, this cowl is perfect for cold-weather games. And it shows off your pride!

Juliette Cowl 

This simple little cowl can be thrown over a t-shirt, and you look dressed up with no effort. The seed-stitch pattern is simple to make, and a large needle creates plenty of drape. Any bulky-weight yarn will do--and while you’re at the yarn shop, be sure to look for a few spectacular buttons to complete the look.