Heart of Yarn

 Have you ever wanted to make anything that you don’t need, but then suddenly … well … you realize you do NEED it?

That happened to me with this little pillow. 

 Heart with yarn.jpg

I loved knitting it. It was fun to use a few beads to create the heart-in-a-heart.

It was also fun choosing the fabric to create the pillow form. After playing with lighter and darker colors, I ended up going with a pink that was just a wee bit lighter than the red yarn. (If you don’t have a sewing machine, maybe you have a crafty friend that does? Or you could sew the pillow by hand, and it’ll be fine.)

As I worked on it, the little pillow kept getting cuter and prettier:

Variegated yarn? Happiness.

Pink ribbon? Yes, please.

Buttons? A necessity.

This project would also make a wonderful sachet. Imagine opening up a dresser drawer to see such a sweet thing all year long.

Of course, it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day, since we think about hearts every February—but I’m not giving mine to anyone. I’m keeping it for myself. (Be mine, little pillow.)

 Be mine, little pillow.jpg